Habits is a couch made to improve your TV experience. The design of the HABITS couch is based upon a qualitative study of Danes in their sofa environments and a comprehensive population survey.


The study shows that the technological evolution has made us watch TV in a different manner. Since laptops, tablets and smartphones have entered our homes, our furniture has proved incapable to accommodate our new behaviour.


Many people use second screens while watching tv, other people work in the couch, other again like to take a nap. Habits accommodate it all.


As a result Habits consists of a number of configurations, to be chosen for your specific need and Habits.


The armrest is designed for 2nd screens, and has storage for tablets, remote controls or newspapers inside the armrest. The table can be rotated 360 degrees and functions as a work desk, a small table or as a platform to place a computer on.


HABITS is taller than most couches, so it is easy for everyone to sit down and get up. The cushions allow sitting comfortably while sitting in an upright position. The cushions may be moved so there is plenty of room to lie down, kick back and relax or take a nap. Furthermore the cushions can be used for neck- and lower back support for the lower back. 


HABITS is collaboration between TV service provider Boxer TV and Danish designer Isabel Ahm.


Stay tuned for more info on this project.